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VIABLUE UFO Black Absorber
VIABLUE UFO Black Absorber


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Individual. Exclusive. Unique.

VIABLUE™ UFO absorbers are elegant vibration dampeners, which can be placed directly underneath your loudspeakers or devices. Due to their optimal pressure on underlying surfaces, disturbing vibrations are bundled and absorbed through two membranes, the innovative VIABLUE™ softpads.

Thus, absorbers provide you with a vivid, clean and detailed sound. They are an optimal addition for small and large-scale speakers alike, as well as devices like record players or tube amplifiers.

A perfect foundation

  • 100 kg per set maximum load
  • Ø 35 mm, solid metal body
  • 2 innovative VIABLUE™ softpads per absorber
  • Direct placement underneath loudspeakers/devices

Comfortable placement with floor protection

  • Position underneath speaker or device
  • Protection of all surfaces due to large diameter of Ø 35 mm
  • For an additional stability, absorbers can be screwed to speakers and devices with or without existing threads.

Our VIABLUE™ Set-Up Guide shows all assembly options and provides you with a set-up manual.

UFO absorbers set includes

  • 4 UFO absorbers
  • 4 softpads, Ø 29 mm, height 2.8 mm, 1 per absorber
  • 4 softpads, Ø 30 mm, height 7.4 mm, 1 per absorber

Original VIABLUE™ absorbers accessories

  • Screw M6 x 16 flat, premium stainless steel, for speakers or devices with existing threads
  • Thread sticks, different sizes, premium stainless steel
  • M6 nut, premium stainless steel
  • Threaded inserts, different sizes, premium stainless steel

Technical Specifications

  • 100 kg maximum load per 4 piece-set
  • Maximum Ø 35 mm, total height 16.5 mm
  • Item weight 248 g
  • Weight including packaging 338 g
  • Available colors: black, silver

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