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QTS Black
QTS Black


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Individual. Exclusive. Unique.

VIABLUE™ Spikes bundle and discharge disturbing vibrations through three peaks. Thus, they prevent a transmission of vibrations to the underlying surface. The uniquely designed spikes provide you with a vivid, clean and detailed sound. A perfect addition for large-scale speakers and devices like record players or tube amplifiers.

QTC Spikes

Elegant perfection

  • 200 kg per set maximum load
  • 2 coated metal bodies, connected with a 20 mm fine thread
  • 2 mm height adjustment

Simply smart height adjustment up to 2 mm

  • VIABLUE™ height adjustment directly at the spike's bodies
  • Smooth alignment due to a 20 mm fine thread
  • A big size thread diameter guarantees maximum stability

Comfortable assembly

  • Easy assembly by screwing to speakers/devices with existing threads
  • Screw connections to speakers or devices without existing threads: Optionally available thread sticks, threaded inserts and nuts
  • Original VIABLUE™ high quality spikes accessories available for all options

We recommend screw connections. Our VIABLUE™ Set-Up Guide shows all assembly options and provides you with a set-up manual.

QTC spikes set includes

  • 4 QTC spikes incl. exchangeable premium stainless steel peaks
  • 4 QTC discs with premium stainless steel inlays, Ø 16 mm
  • 4 diameter decreasers, premium stainless steel, to allow the use of M6 screws

Original VIABLUE™ spikes accessories

  • Screw M8 x 16 flat, premium stainless steel for speakers or devices with existing threads
  • Thread sticks, different sizes, premium stainless steel
  • Threaded inserts, different sizes, premium stainless steel
  • Discs XL with premium stainless steel inlay: Ø 25 mm, e.g. for wooden floors, available in black or silver. Also available as QTC XL set

Technical Specifications

  • 200 kg maximum load per 4 piece-set
  • Item weight 580 g
  • Weight including packaging 670 g
  • Height adjustment / total height 47.5 – 49.5 mm
  • Maximum Ø 35 mm
  • Available colors: black, silver

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