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VIABLUE Thread Inserts
VIABLUE Thread Inserts

Threaded Inserts

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Unit: 4 pieces

VIABLUE™ premium stainless steel threaded inserts are used to add on to speakers in order to safely mount spikes and absorbers to loudspeakers.

Our VIABLUE™ Set-Up Guide provides you with a detailed manual, as well as an overview over all assembly options.

Technical Specifications

  • Total length per threaded insert: 15 mm
  • With hex drive, sealing collar and unthreaded lead
  • With sharp and self-cutting external thread
  • Threaded insert M6: Pilot hole 10 - 10.5 mm
  • Threaded insert M6: Assembly with 6 mm Allen key
  • Outer Ø Threaded insert M6: 12 mm
  • Threaded insert M8: Pilot hole 12 - 12.5 mm
  • Threaded insert M8: Assembly with 8 mm Allen key
  • Outer Ø Threaded insert M8: 14 mm

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