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T6S Toslink Plugs
T6S Toslink Plugs

T6s Toslink Plugs

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T6s TOSLINK PLUGS. 2 pieces.

High-end plug connection

  • Secure and stable guidance of optical fibers through the contact pin
  • 24 carat real gold-plated
  • Outer shell made of black, satin-matt aluminum
  • Strain relief for cable Ø 4 - 9.5 mm
  • Strain relief provided by one M4-hexagon socket screw 1.5 mm

Additional features

  • 2 diameter decreasers to comfortably adjust to various cable diameters

Assembly instructions

Cable ends of fiber-optic cables are stripped off their insulation and inserted in the core of the plug. The core remains in the shell. The strain relief screws are then tightened and the fiber-optic cable is wet-grinded and polished to finish.

Technical specifications

  • Ø 13.5 mm
  • Shell length 30.5 mm
  • Cable input Ø 4 - 9,5 mm
  • Pin for optical fiber Ø 1 mm

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