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VIABLUE EPC Headphone Cables
VIABLUE EPC Headphone Cables

Headphone Cable By Meter

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Made in Germany. Price per Meter.


VIABLUE™ EPC Silver are earphone cables for a balanced sonic image. Distinctively developed high cable cross sections guarantee a complete and full signal transmission true to the original. Even though the overall cable sizes are being held comparatively small, EPC earphone cables create warm acoustic patterns, as well as strong and powerful basses.

For a balanced sonic image

  • Tinned OFC copper strands
  • Silvered OFC copper spiral shield
  • ALU-PET foil shield

100% interference-free of all frequencies

  • Silvered spiral shield
  • ALU/PET foil screen
  • Soft banding
  • Satin-matt cable sheath

We recommend:

Technical specifications

VIABLUE™ EPC Silver headphone cable variations
  Conductors Outer Ø Marking
EPC-1 1 1.1 mm black
EPC-2 2 3.7 mm black/red
EPC-3 3 3.8 mm black/red/white
EPC-4 4 4.0 mm black/red/white/grey

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