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Q: What year was Triton Audio Cables established?

Q: Are the products available for immediately delivery?
A: Unless stated that the product is ready fore immediate shipment, all products are made on order.

Q: How long does it take to deliver a product?
A: The current build time is posted and updated monthly on the front page.  Subject to change.

Q: When is a product shipped?
A: A product is shipped within 24 hrs after product is made, excluding weekends and days falling on Federal holidays when the post office is closed.

Q: Is my order secure?
A: Yes, payments are secured via PayPal or using your credit card. The Triton Audio Cables web store is a secured site.

Q: Do you offer cables with microphones?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Do you have a warranty?
A: On all Triton headphone and earphones cable builds, there's a 1 year warranty (excludes all normal wear and tear and accidental damages).  Third party cable reterminations has a 6 month warranty on the parts and labor (excludes all normal wear and tear and accidental damages.)

Q: Are there taxes for orders?
A: For now, taxes are only collected for shipping addresses within Washington State.

Q: Is shipping really free?
A: Yes, shipping is free within USA for any Triton custom made cable, and Furutech components.  Shipping charges apply to all VIABLUE purchases due to high shipping cost and tariffs to import them to the USA.

Q: What about international shipping?
A:  International customers should email me for a shipping quote.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, I ship via USPS First Class.

Q: How do I know which connector is left or right?
A: Red is typically the universal color to designate the right channel.  Remember right is red or red is right.  If the left channel is designated, it's typically with the color blue.  A standard feature on the removable headphone cables is a small piece of red heat shrink only on the right connector.  Additionally, the gold colored Triton logo found on the Y-split of the removable cable faces outwards, and when it does, the right and left channels are in correct position as long as the two sides don't cross-over each other.

Removable earphone/IEM/CIEM cables typically will have either a "L/R" letter to indicate the left/right channel and may also have a red and blue color identifier on the pin housing surface.

Q: Why doesn't Triton Audio Cables have a Facebook or some other social media presence?
A:  As the owner/craftsman, I have decided to part from social media presence other than what is provided and owned by respective customers.  Yes, it's counterproductive in this age of online business.  Call me nuts or humble, but the greatest form of advertisement and compliment are happy customers and passing their opinions/recommendations to their family and friends.