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Absorber Softpads
Absorber Softpads

Absorber Softpads

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Unit: 8 pieces

The innovative VIABLUE™ softpads are vibration absorbing dampener membranes. They are manufactured from several elastic polymers. Due to a self-adhesive caoting on one side, softpads can simply be attached by removing the protective sheet and sticking the softpad to speakers or other devices.

UFO absorber sets and UFO XL absorber sets include a total of 8 softpads in 2 different sizes, already attached to the UFO's body.

Dampening basis

  • material: elastic polymers
  • color: black
  • Several sizes, Ø 29 – 56 mm
  • Several heights, 2.8 – 11.9 mm
  • A set includes: 8 softpads in one size and height

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