Third Party Cable Repairs and Retermination
Rhapsodio 2.5mm TRRS retermination

Third Party Cable Repairs and Retermination

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Triton Audio has repaired or reterminated cheap basic cables to high-end boutique, third party cables.   Not all third party cables involves the same level of effort, time, and materials.  The difference in price is the number of wires such as 4 or 6-8 wires that makes up the cable, and the termination (i.e. balanced, stereo).  Please contact me if you're not sure what your cable make is for accurate pricing.

Repair/Retermination service consists of the following:

  • Verify and match wires and polarity
  • Cut existing cable to desired length, if applicable.
  • Install connector of choice.
  • Verify and test wires and polarity
  • Double heat shrink where applicable for durability.
  • 180 day warranty on build and components (does not cover normal wear and tear or accidental damages but can be fixed at reasonable cost).

Process Steps after Purchase:

  1. Customer purchases services and ships cable(s).  Please use some form of tracking with your paid postage.
  2. Cable is inspected.
  3. Communicate on options, or any customize request(s) as well as any issues found during inspection.
  4. Order is completed and shipped to customer for FREE with tracking (within USA). International shipping is $14.

Additional request(s) and inquiries are promptly replied.  Also, I'm happy to use whatever material customer provides and discount appropriately. Thanks for reading and your patronage.

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