Single Ended (SE) Standard Headphone Cable
3.5mm TRS Standard Headphone Cable

Single Ended (SE) Standard Headphone Cable

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This handcrafted removable cable is made for single-ended or standard stereo connectors on both ends. Standard length is 55" inches from tip to tip for the best balance of weight and ergonomics when used with portable setups such as digital audio players (DAPs) and USB DACs. Length above 60" inches at additional cost.

Cable components are as follows.  Everything connected using Cardas solder:

  • Professional grade Mogami 2893 cable (made in Japan), 26 AWG quad high quality OFC copper, 30 strands in each of the four wires wrapped with Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. Served (spiral) bare copper shield within the jacket section.
  • Pair of 3.5mm TRS Neutrik/Rean connectors. Other options available.
  • Double layer heat shrink where applicable for durability.

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