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Single Ended (SE) One Sided Headphone Cable
3.5mm TRS Standard Headphone Cable

Single Ended (SE) One Sided Headphone Cable

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This handcrafted removable cable is made for single-ended or standard stereo connectors where it attaches to either the right or left side, depending on headphone model like Monster Beats, V-Moda, and Thinksound.

Cable components are as follows:

  • Cable choice between professional grade Mogami 2893 Copper or ViaBlue EPC-4 Silver headphone cable.  Cardas silver solder used on Mogami cable and ViaBlue silver solder used on ViaBlue cable.  Standard length is 5ft or 60 inches.  Additional length per foot available.
  • Pair of 3.5mm TRS straight Neutrik/Rean connectors. Other options available.
  • Double layer heat shrink where applicable for durability.
  • Custom parachord or techflex sleeving available at nominal cost

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