Connectors can break, fail, wear out, or perhaps a change in equipment requires a different type of connector(s).  Retermination service offers great value compared to the cost of purchasing a new cable.  Triton Audio Cables has repaired/reterminated third party cheap basic cables to high-end boutique cables.  In addition, any owner of the Triton4 or Triton8 cable is offered a heavily discounted and flat retermination cost.

  • Shorten stock cable to desired length.
  • Replace undesirable or defective stereo connector with a new straight or right angle connector.
  • If applicable, convert stereo connector to a balanced connector of choice.
  • Replace connector and/or ear piece housing on removable third party cables.

Please send any questions you may have regarding this service.

Note: Not all stock cables are configured for balanced connector. Triton Audio Cables no longer offers stock cable replacement for all iems/earphones where the stock cable is replaced at the drivers due to many variables and risks that can contribute towards failed results.

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Third Party Cable Repairs and Retermination
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