Connectors and cables can break, fail, wear out, or perhaps a change in equipment requires a different type of connector(s).  Retermination service offers great value compared to the cost of purchasing a new cable.  Triton Audio Cables has repaired/reterminated third party cheap basic cables to high-end boutique cables.  In addition, any owner of the Triton4 or Triton8 cable is offered a discount and flat retermination cost.

Not all third party cables involves the same level of effort, time, and materials.  Out of respect to third party cable builders and companies, I do not discuss or disclose the details of the material, build, and techniques.

The costs of third party cable terminations is a sum of labor based on the number of wires in the cable and type of conductors/wires, whether the termination is on the headphone end or termination end or both, the selection of stock connectors or third party connectors,  and return shipping.  Due to the unique nature and differences of cables, third party termination(s) order are first discussed and finalized prior to formal invoicing. This service carries a 6 month warranty, excluding normal wear and tear and accidental damages. 

Please send any questions you may have regarding this service.

Note: Not all stock cables are configured for balanced connector. Triton Audio Cables no longer offers stock cable replacement for all iems/earphones where the stock cable is replaced at the drivers due to many variables and risks that can contribute towards failed results.