Recabling Service

Are your favorite earphones or earbuds failing? Sounds cuts out from left or right channel or both? Stock cable has hardened and cracked? Stereo connector broken? Or all the above? Revive them back to their sonic glory with a complete recable service with the option for a balanced connector termination.  You choose the four wire color(s) that adds durability and aesthetic appeal from what was there before. Installation of third party cables is welcome.  This recabling service is different than a re-termination service where only a connector is replaced.

There are headphone/earphone models that can't be serviced due to a high risk of driver and voice coil wire damage when disassembled.  If the particular model has been done before successfully by Triton Audio Cables or by a third party, Triton Audio Cables goes on successful precedence that it may be done.

Although, Triton Audio Cables executes best practices with great care, any number of failure(s) can occur during the recabling process due to the fragile nature of very small components that may result in permanent failure.  Therefore, after consultation and paid service, customer accepts the risks involved with the recabling service, and
agrees that Triton Audio Cables is only liable to reimburse only the service cost as stated on the invoice (shipping to Triton Audio Cables is not included in reimbursement).

Thank you for your understanding. 
Please send inquiry to discuss the details and possibilities.