Sample Gallery of Customized Products and Services.

VE Zen 1.0 Recable

Vsonic GR07 Recable

VE Zen 2.0 Balanced

2.5mm 4pin XLR Direct Balanced
ALO 3.5mm to 2.5mm TRRS
VE Duke & Zen 3.5mm Retermination
Custom Balanced Cable for HD800/S
Custom Balance Cable Etymotic ER4
2.5mm to 3.5mm Balanced Cable
Recabled DUNU DN-2000J
Triton8 with Eidolic SE Connectors
ViaBlue IEM mmcx PONO Balanced
Reterminated Whiplash TWag V3
3pin XLR Balanced Cables
Beyerdynamic T5p Removable Mod
RHA L1 Balanced Adapters
Sony CD900ST Balance Mod
Very Short 2.5mm PONO Adapter
Mr. Speakers Dum Retermination
RSA 2.5mm Balanced 8 wire Adapter
Grado RS2 Balanced Retermination
Focal Elear 4pin XLR Balanced
3pin XLR Balanced Cables
Sea320 2.5mm TRRS & Adapter
Sony MDR-Z7 Balance Adapters
ViaBlue ECP4 2.5mm 8 wire