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When it comes to balanced connectors or termination for portable headphones and earphones, there are more than one implementation.  You have the popular 2.5mm TRRS from Astell & Kern, 3.5mm TRRS from HifiMAN, 3.5mm TR from PONO, Kobicon from ALO Audio and Ray Samuels Audio (RSA), and mini XLR. 

Perhaps you have a need to purchase or test out equipment that uses a different balance connector than what's on your cable.  You can either purchase a new cable, or for less money purchase an adapter that allows a seamless conversion from one balance type to the other.  These adapters comes in handy and you never know when you'll need one or two. In addition, there's less wear and tear on both the connectors and headphone housing from constant cable removable.

If you don't see something listed or have questions, please send me a message and I'll get back to you right away.  Thanks for reading and your patronage.
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Balance to Balance and Stereo Cable Adapters
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3.5mm mini to RCA Cable
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